…Introducing KwiKam

…Introducing KwiKam

KwiKam App is a powerful app that serves as Emergency help companion app; helping users discover the nearest emergency response unit which may be Emergency response team, Power Authorities, Police, Road Safety, Fire Service, Hospitals, NEMA etc. It also helps in sending location information to registered numbers in the event of need to contact family.

The NearMe service, in the app, can help users discover important services near them

Address-related problems in Africa are solved with KwiKam app which generates a GPS-based code called KaminCode which represents a unique and private location code allowing for quick and accurate address. KaminCodes are easily exchangeable/memorable short string code which is both immediate, free and without internet.  

KwiKam app  can do these without internet, just GPS enabled phones.                     


KwiKam is an emergency app which provides an offline search for emergency response unit (Road Safety, Fire Service, NEMA, Police Stations, Hospitals etc)  close to users. This it achieves by using the user’s GPS location service as reference.  It improves response time by security apparatus and hence crime reduction. This is especially true for searchers who are in a new place, where they may not be absolutely familiar with their surroundings or those helpless in any situation.


The emergency application which KwiKam offers has the following function:

KwiKam makes it easy for emergency services of all kinds to be discovered by those searchers around even at times when network may not be accessible or in the events of delays. KwiKam  operates in a very efficient and easy way. Without SIM cards/Internet connection, without network, Wi Fi or data,  emergency function in KwiKam works to get you the closest searched for emergency unit around.

There are basically two ways people in emergency can reach emergency outfits or their families using KwiKam:

  • Nearest Service to users: When a user clicks a button, KwiKam has the capability of using their location as reference to search for the nearest service units close to them. It will furnish users with the contacts to call, the distance they are from the emergency units, major landmark and upon clicking the provided info, can get direction to the unit.
  • Share Location Information: In the event where it is not possible to make calls as a result of depletion of airtime or danger of doing so, or for want of easy description of the location where the event happened/happening etc, users can send their location information via text to the nearest emergency unit. Also, KwiKam allows users save up to six (6) emergency contacts within the app. Should a user want to send or notify family/friends of his situation, all they have to do is click a button and KwiKam will send their location and issue to the saved number/s. Where it is not possible for the user to do this, emergency units or aids can know who the victim’s emergency contacts are and reach them. This can salvage emergency related situations as much as possible.


  • The use of KwiKam app is intended to be largely free for all. KwiKam can work without an internet connection or mobile sim card. All you need is a location-enabled (GPS) smart phone.
  • Issues associated with DATA AND SECURITY does not arise. KwiKam does not store anyone’s information in any external database, should any update in the future surfaces that will require this, it will be within the consent of the users with respect to privacy. It simply uses latitude and longitude of places and triangulates  within the app data for the emergency response units. This was done to void warehousing of people’s data which may lead to malicious acts.

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  1. Kingsley says:

    I have used this App. It is great tool I must say. I hope you add more services in it so that I can use anything I want without internet. *smiles*

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